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Technology has taken over large parts of our lives, and smart homes are one aspect of life that’s become very real to many people. The idea is that homeowners can control multiple devices and systems within the home using a relatively simple interface. Choosing the right company is key to making sure all your systems integrate properly. That way you can let technology create the ideal home ambiance. Smart Home Systems Miami is the ideal contractor for all your home automation needs. Many operations won’t even require property owners to deal with systems once certain parameters are defined and settled on. For example, modern HVAC systems allow owners to program thermostats to keep a home comfortable throughout the day. Our  system also allows owners or other authorized` users to make changes outside the preprogrammed settings. If no one would normally be in a home at a specific time, the temperature may be set to save energy. When a family member plans to return to the home when the home wouldn’t normally be occupied, it’s easy to reprogram the system’s settings from anywhere using a smartphone app. That’s a rather simple example, and it pays to dig deeper into the available options if you’re planning to construct a new smart home or retrofit an existing property. Let’s explore how a Smart Home Contractor can transform any home into a smart home.

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professional home theatre systems

Home Theater Systems

Thinking of setting up a custom Home Theater System? Look no further than Smart Home Systems in Miami, FL. We specialize in custom Home Theater’s that are cinema worthy. When designing your Home Theater, we look at all the factors that can affect the image and sound including: materials used, size, ceiling height, flooring, lighting, and more.

professional smart lighting services

Smart Lighting

Can lighting affect your mood and increase productivity? Absolutely! With our Smart Lighting System, we program lighting that works for you and not against you. We look at the size of the room, the amount of natural light, ceiling height, and the purpose of the room (i.e. office, theatre, playroom, dining room, etc). Lighting can have a dramatic affect on your well being and we will make sure you’re always feeling great.

professional smart sound system services

Smart Sound System

We offer a lot of Smart Sound System options. Among them are concert worthy sound systems, cafe like background music, and more. We can segment the sound from room to room so you can enjoy your sports in one room then vibe outside with a more soulful sound. All controlled by the phone in the palm of your hand. We make technology work for you.

professional sprinkler systems services

Sprinkler Systems

An Automated Sprinkler System that knows when it will rain? Yes, it’s here. Save some money and keep your lawn looking fresh year around with our Automated Sprinkler Systems. Set your desired output, connect to your Ai, and let technology go to work.

professional energy efficient homes

Energy Efficient Homes

Is Going Green important to you? Today’s homeowners are generally concerned with the environmental footprint of their homes. That’s why so many modern features use low voltage wiring and other eco-friendly features. Even heating & air conditioning systems in smart homes are designed to be as efficient as possible. With your home fully connected and automated, it’ll work as efficiently as possible allowing you to save both time and money.

professional surveillance cameras services

Surveillance Cameras

When safety is paramount, homeowners’ Security Systems are imperative to record and deter intruders. High resolution videos make it far easier to catch intruders. One important caveat here is to install the best cameras available. Exterior cameras must be able to produce clear images, even in less-than-ideal circumstances. High-quality cameras function well in low-light situations and during storms. Ask your integrated home systems contractor to recommend security system features for your home. Quality advice during the planning process eliminates errors later.

Choosing a Smart Home System Platform

Before selecting any Smart Home System, it’s essential to review how those systems work and which systems offer the features that meet your objectives. A smart home contractor will generally know which systems would work but will leave the final choice to the property owner. Here are a few elements to discuss before selecting a smart home system.

  • What types of items do you want to include in the system? Some systems offer better security options, while others are better at controlling Entertainment Systems. It’s important to know which systems are more likely to provide additional features in the future to avoid needing to update in the near future.
  • Understand which system will allow adding the most options. Amazon Alexa, for example, has a huge number of products that easily integrate with the system. Some other systems have relatively few products that will seamlessly integrate with the basic system. If you’re a <>Siri fan, explore all the options the Apple system has to offer. And, don’t forget about Google Assistant.

Those are the most basic considerations when choosing a platform for your Smart Home Automations, but it’s also essential to make sure you can integrate the items you’re most interested in into your smart home system.

Smart Home Systems Frequently Asked Questions

Can smart home automation add value to your home? Absolutely! With home buyers seeking to take more control of their lives, smart home systems can allow them to track so many features in their home. Homeowners can track their use of lighting, sound, water, appliances in addition to surveillance and home theatre’s. All these features are meant to enhance the overall home experience and are a must for any home buyer. Home appraisers track the energy efficiency of homes they’re appraising, so keep that in mind when looking to upgrade your home.

Business owners can take full advantage of automation by connecting their sound, lighting, tv, surveillance and Wi-Fi system together. You’ll have full control of your business from the palm of your hands. Installing a TV Matrix System for Sports Bars makes it easier on both your staff and keeps customers happy. These are all features of business automation that we currently offer.

Smart home automation is only going to continue to grow. Smart home appliances add another level of efficiency. Some models are very sophisticated and have gone above just doing a simple job. You can add digital calendars, reminders, recipes to your fridge. Actively track the temperature of items in your oven and turn items off or on with the flick of a button on your phone. The idea of being able to have full control of your home is appealing to many homeowners and potential buyers.

Smart Home Systems services all of Miami-Dade including: City of Miami, Pinecrest, Coconut Grove, Coral Gables, West Miami, Kendall, Doral, Miami Lakes, Hialeah, Wynwood, Edgewater, Brickell, Gables by the Sea, Homestead, Redlands, Aventura, Lower East Side, Biscayne and more.

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